Adam Draws Daily (adamdrawsdaily) wrote,
Adam Draws Daily

This will Learn them. Oh yeah.

Hey gang, here is your totally tubular Thursady tidbit of Adam's Draws Daily.

So yeah, this is my reaction to a pretty nice jacket I bought. I was browsing through this pretty awesome second hand clothing store near my house and BOOM this great jacket almost finds me. I try it on, I like it, I buy it. Capitalism in motion, some might say. But then as I was leaving the store it hit me. I bought this jacket because it totally fits in with a very trendy shabby chic thing which is going on. Gah. Part of the masses once again.

So this is my reaction to that, so I appear less establishment than I already am. Kinda like Warren Ellis. Maybe I should swear more too, fuckity. Perfect. But surely KNOWING I'm a sheep, makes me less of a sheep, yes?? Doesn't self awarness count for anything??

Also, don't forget to check yesterday's Drastic if you haven't already...

Awesomeness. As always comments crits and suggestions are more than welcome guys!! See you tomorrow!!
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